May 14, 2011 – Grand Work Cross

This morning we rise having contacted SATURN in the middle of the night.  MOON conjunct SATURN at 3:06 am has us processing fear, constriction, discipline, fathers, structure, work, masculine support and our own skeletal system, teeth and infrastructure for life.   This MOON SATURN conjunction and the MOON’s passage through Libra through the day, to oppose JUPITER in ARIES, by the middle of Saturday night, has us musing over our independence, versus interdependence.  How are we connected and how are we independent?  How do we expand into freedom and how do we ground and have the security we need to function in the world?  This grand cardinal cross of 2011, is transforming these things for us.  We’re all “cooking” in white fires of purification.  We are purifying the ways that we’ve remained “too independent” because of ego, and the ways we’ve been “too codependent” in relationship because of a lack of core power.  Its time to come into independent core power strength, in alignment with universal forces, joining others from a place of power.  Everything else will break down in this cross of summer.  Relationships that are not authentic to the earth and cosmos through us at this time, will break down.

May your inner work and inner cross be beautiful in its lessons.

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