May 13, 2011 – Mysterious Portal/threshold-Holy Sacred Heart -Entering WHITE FIRES OF HEART PURIFICATION

MOON enters LIBRA early this morning round 9 am pdt. From EARTH Virgo, we enter AIR, where a cardinal grand cross is taking place, and it is not kidding.  We are cooking in WHITE FIRES OF HEART TRANSFORMATION AND PURIFICATION.

MOON OPPOSES URANUS at 2:20  pm pdt, marking RADICAL CHANGE AND BREAKTHROUGH in an emotional area. We are learning true freedom each in our own way.  Each of us is on a unique “Fool’s Journey.”  We can share a unified “freefall” into an unknown future.  There is a wise all encompassing force, larger than we are, guiding us through these transitions.

MOON in LIBRA SQUARES PLUTO in CAPRICORN this evening at 8:41 pm pdt. Emotional discomfort leads to soulfulness, Meditation, & or Soulwork.  Shadow and Light can integrate for a well-rounded whole.

Today we cross a threshold heading toward the great eclipse field of SUMMER 2011, in JUNE and JULY.  We are entering the field of eclipses.  As this FULL MOON in SCORPIO comes on MAY 17, we highlight our money, power and sexuality issues with our healing light.  We are entering superpowerful forces of change.  These forces love us deeply and seek to purify us into higher and higher states of evolution.  We can go into this spiritual fire willingly.   A pure heart is our best ally through these next weeks and months.