May 9, 2011 – Fiery Love

(astrologer was sick the night before this day- about as MOOn entered LEO, i was throwing up in my bathroom, some of it emotional from a cat i raised, being hit by a car, i got the news on Sunday–so the post is being written after the day)

MOON moved into LEO pre-dawn at 2:35 am pdt.  MOON in LEO trine URANUS in ARIES at 8:10 am pdt. This is SUPER POWER FIRE energy.  We are DNA changing.  Our belief systems are morphing, our hearts are expanding, we are ALIVE!

MERCURY conjunct VENUS in ARIES = LOVE COMBUST COMMUNICATIONS – this is a fiery love aspect.  We are changed forever.  We are new beings each day.  In these days, we are learning about true freedom and true individuation as a whole being, who can sit in a whole place, as a whole and complete being who is “truly free.”  What is true freedom?  this is a question of this day.  When we discover our wholeness, we can wholly LOVE OTHERS (ideally unconditionally.)   This day is all about expanded states of love and mutating DNA!!

MOON sextile SATURN 10:46 pm pdt.  After a fiery somewhat lightning-like day, we finally begin to GROUND late at night.  MOON in friendship with SATURN, although in FIRE and AIR, is still a grounding feeling.  We are able to deeply nourish ourselves and receive what we most need.

Late into the night we are preparing for the Lunar transition from the DARK to the LIGHT side of the cycle, as we head toward the POWER FULL MOON IN SCORPIO in a week.

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