May 10, 2011 – Flight Lessons

SUN in Fixed Earthy Taurus SQUARES MOON in Fixed Fiery Leo at 1:33 pm pdt. We are learning to integrate two fixed focuses into a unified experience. Earth and Fire need each other, one for grounding the other for enlivening.

FIERY LEO MOON TRINES MERCURY/VENUS CONJUNCTION in FIERY ARIES between 8:30 and 9pm.  We are ALIVE, CREATIVE, SEXY and DIVINE!!  It is an evening to enjoy these aspects of selves.  It is also a good day for flying our creative projects!  Today we are like kites, grounded to the earth, through food and sensual things, yet flying out by a long thread, reaching toward the heavens.

MOON trines JUPITER in Aries at 9:52 pm pdt and our creative fires are aflight.  We can fly on tonight’s wings.  This is energy to use well, we are not, every night, given such WINGS!  It is time to push off of the edge and fly!  Dancing, Whirling, flowering like human flowers, expansion of love!

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