May 8, 2011 – water meets fire- deep inner alchemy

Pre-dawn at 4am, pdt, SUN and MOON come into sacred geometric harmony. Arising in the morning, masculine and feminine dance a sweet tune. This is important support today for our deep internal process of movement and change. MOON in Cancer today will sequentially square the collective of Aries planets, beginning with a MOON square VENUS just before 11 am pdt. Moon square Venus relates to inner tension between two feminine energies.

MOON squares MERCURY at 11:10 am. This aspect calls us to communicate and complete details and logistics!!

MOON squares JUPITER in the late afternoon, reminding us we DO have the capacity to expand our loving embracing heart to include our whole selves and others.

MOON squares MARS late night near midnight. Late night tension is fired up. We are working fire water alchemy. It’s a mother and child reunion.

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