May 6, 2011 – Fire into Water

This morning’s FIERY AIRY energy is supercharged.  MOON in Gemini sextiles JUPITER in Aries at 7:29 am pdt.  MOON sextiles MARS in Aries at 1:12 pm pdt, then goes VOID.  This moon mars energy is emotionally transformative.  Our feelings do create our external experience on some level.  Feeeeeling into our deepest longings today is manifestation food for our future.

The fiery MOON floats between FIRE and WATER between 1:12 pm and 7:31 pm, when MOON enters Cancer and trines NEPTUNE in Pisces.  We sink down into the soothing and visionary waters of mama cancer and deeply spiritual pisces.

This is an alchemical day of water and fire.  From a fire morning to a water evening.