Feb 25 – Illuminating Power and Soul

The communicative MOON in Gemini TRINES SATURN in Libra for a feeling of new form  PLUTO is being contacted today by Mercury in the morning, Jupiter afternoon, and Sun at 4:17pm pst.  This is contact with our soul–our real power.

We are lighting up, expanding and grounding this true power. The moon is waning, so it is a cycle of completion and following through with the projects and work that was started in or before this cycle.  The time for new beginnings or new projects is after he New Moon on March 4th.

May 5, 2011 – Communication & Collaboration

The communicative waxing crescent MOON in Gemini TRINES SATURN in Libra for a feeling of new forms of relationship that are for the building of a new world. This new world is filled with real love, real creativity, and real feelings.

MOON sextiles VENUS in Aries, reminding us relationships are for joy!  Relationships are vessels of love designed to support the fruition of our collaborative dreams.

MOON sextiles MERCURY late tonight at 10:49 pm pdt.  Our feelings, longings and callings from inside are flooding through our thoughts.  This is a peak writing aspect.  Communications are on FIRE and New Beginnings are under foot!