May 4, 2011 – Clear Intentions amidst chaos

MOON moves into GEMINI at 10:03 am pdt.  This MOON square’s NEPTUNE at 11:30 am pdt.  This airy MOON has our mind activated and talking.  The square to Neptune says, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Rest the mind, for at this time it will be confused anyway.  Its best to explore silence or the wisdom of wordless direct action.

Gemini MOON sextiles URANUS at 3:49 pm.  We are alive and electrical.  Energy moves FAST and makes rapid changes.  The mind cannot always keep up–that is not the mind’s job.  The mind is here to drive us to the bank and calculate the money.  It is good with numbers.  Deep life choices need to be felt with gut, intuition and senses beyond the mind’s comprehension.  These extra-senses are heightened today and it is a good time to “feel” with our non-verbal navigational antlers.  Our direct action, from our insides, out, will guide us effortlessly through the chaos.

With all the fire and air energy, clear intention can be a miracle worker.