May 1, 2011 – Wild Energy in Dark Moon – Beltane

There was a burst of energy last night as MARS and JUPITER came together in a FIERY UPRISING of masculine energy.  MOON conjuncts these two planets this morning. First MOON kisses JUPITER at 7:51 am pdt and we expand our emotional capacity for fire in our bodies.  We are literally asked to contain MORE ENERGY!  We can hold more, do more and be more than we think we can!

MOON conjuncts MARS in ARIES at 8:20am, pdt, then goes VOID of COURSE!  We arise with fire power to transform ourselves in this dark moon.  Each of us faces our own inner darkness, because it is the time in the lunar cycle to allow the dark to speak.  The dark is the place where we compost our deepest fears, despairs, brokenness and heartbreak.  In this dark compostable place, there is elemental FIRE today.  This elemental fire is transformational when we add our elemental WATER: (our deep longings and our deep souls knowings) by following our emotional speakings all the way down to the bottom of their well–what are they really saying to us, down in the soul crying out level?  We are here to follow our deepest soul’s impulses.

Today is a waning moon fire day, on the sacred day of BELTANE, where we are charged to regenerate ourselves with the SEXUAL-CREATIVE ENERGY of LIFE!  In the midst of a falling empire, we can still regenerate and find new life!