April 30, 2011 – Peak Night

It is the nightime of our knowing.  We cannot see what is growing under our covers.  Many seeds are blossoming.

MOON is DARK, waning, and in Aries, the sign in which Mercury retrograded over the last four weeks, having gone direct a week ago, and yet still traversing the retrograde aspects, unweaving and weaving.  Spiralling.

MOON SQUAREd PLUTo late last night – 1:31 am pdt.  we are overcoming transformation tension. Blessed be this your journey of challenge to awaken.

MOON CONJUNCTS VENUS by mid-morning, giving us a reprieve of sweetness to soothe the jagged challenge of awakening through ego fragmentations in ourselves and others.  Aries’ gift is plant spirit medicine and its challenge is war and polarization.

also late morning, MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 10:41am pdt.  Soft round belly of us held by hard strong cups, walls, boundaries, forms and structures.  What committments, houses, stages, forms, cabinets, and saturnian vessels do we need for our softest contents?

Rabbit year beckons us into the woods, the grasses and carrot-filled gardens, by evening, MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY has us talking with ourselves about personal things.

SATURN OPPOSES VENUS at 5:16 pm and we wonder about structures of relationship and self.  We are curious and creating vessels of love, and expressions of creativity.  Whispering, what form?  What form?  What form?  If you can’t see it, and yet feeeel it, know all is well, in a few days you’ll be able to tell.

MARS CONJUNCTS JUPITER by the dark at 9:26 pm pdt.  We are expanded in the dark unknown creative place.  New Moon is on May 2nd, late night. This coming new moon is the New Moon of Sensual Taurus, Food, Wine, Pan, Dyonesius, channels of energies and delights that come through our senses!!  Enjoy next cycle, in spite of the intensity of these transformational times!!  Pressure Cookers of Awakening in the Cardinal Grand Cross!!!



April 28, 2011 – Peace Between Knowings

Today, the MOON is VOID of COURSE in PISCES with NO PLANETARY ASPECTS to ground this floating presence.  We can relax now, into ‘what is,’ and let go of unanswered questions.  Questions will not be answered today.  We wonder about so many things and the mind wants to know absolutely everything about where we are living and who we will be with and how we will work our way into our right work.  Its best today, to simply, let go of all of this, allowing the waters of our soul to lap against our personality bodies, giving us undefinable messages.

Tomorrow, MOON moves to ARIES, conjuncting URANUS.  Fire power, new beginnings and sword-like clarity will arive tomorrow.  For today, its a day to let go and float with the divine that blesses us.

April 27, 2011 – Transition into Core

Today we have overcome a VENUS square PLUTO in the middle of the night and are ready to transition into our core from any place of emotional upheaval.  We are on the dark side of the lunar cycle with a waning moon asking us for deeper peace inside.

Moon goes VOID of Course with a MOON sextile SUN at 12:25 pm pdt.  This masculine and feminine harmony rides the waves of change between worlds.  We are still in a highly transitional state so it is good to allow the “unknown” to be “unknown,” reassuring the mind, we will know what we need to know, when we need to know it.  For today enjoy the beautiful dance of Solar creative energies weaving with lunar receptive energies, weaving with PLUTO – Our POWER.

MOON sextiles PLUTO in our lunch window for emotional depth and personal transformation.

SUN TRINES PLUTO, reminding us we are supported to do whatever we really long to do, as long as we don’t think too much about “how,” or “when.”  Being with creative longings, and working our way into our true core heart is today’s gift.

April 26, 2011 – Personal Spiritual Expansion

Early this morning, pre-dawn, the MOON in Aquarius SEXTILED (60 degrees) JUPITER in Aries, then went VOID of COURSE.  We are expanded in the realm of community and spirit as the MOON is in transition between Aquarius and Pisces.

MOON CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE in Pisces at 11:05 pm pdt, for deeply spiritual nurturing waters late tonight.  May your spirit and soul be washed of all burdens from this world, returning in the morning revitalized and fresh.

Just after Midnight tonight, VENUS SQUARE’S PLUTO.  We are asked to transform the way in which we love.  We are also asked to take the next step in our creative process of self-expression in the world.  Whatever is most uncomfortable today and tomorrow is a signpost as to what our deep inner expressive nature is needing.  Today and tomorrow are days to turn angst and “missing,” into constructive intention for true creative empowerment.