April 30, 2011 – Peak Night

It is the nightime of our knowing.  We cannot see what is growing under our covers.  Many seeds are blossoming.

MOON is DARK, waning, and in Aries, the sign in which Mercury retrograded over the last four weeks, having gone direct a week ago, and yet still traversing the retrograde aspects, unweaving and weaving.  Spiralling.

MOON SQUAREd PLUTo late last night – 1:31 am pdt.  we are overcoming transformation tension. Blessed be this your journey of challenge to awaken.

MOON CONJUNCTS VENUS by mid-morning, giving us a reprieve of sweetness to soothe the jagged challenge of awakening through ego fragmentations in ourselves and others.  Aries’ gift is plant spirit medicine and its challenge is war and polarization.

also late morning, MOON OPPOSITE SATURN at 10:41am pdt.  Soft round belly of us held by hard strong cups, walls, boundaries, forms and structures.  What committments, houses, stages, forms, cabinets, and saturnian vessels do we need for our softest contents?

Rabbit year beckons us into the woods, the grasses and carrot-filled gardens, by evening, MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY has us talking with ourselves about personal things.

SATURN OPPOSES VENUS at 5:16 pm and we wonder about structures of relationship and self.  We are curious and creating vessels of love, and expressions of creativity.  Whispering, what form?  What form?  What form?  If you can’t see it, and yet feeeel it, know all is well, in a few days you’ll be able to tell.

MARS CONJUNCTS JUPITER by the dark at 9:26 pm pdt.  We are expanded in the dark unknown creative place.  New Moon is on May 2nd, late night. This coming new moon is the New Moon of Sensual Taurus, Food, Wine, Pan, Dyonesius, channels of energies and delights that come through our senses!!  Enjoy next cycle, in spite of the intensity of these transformational times!!  Pressure Cookers of Awakening in the Cardinal Grand Cross!!!



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