April 28, 2011 – Peace Between Knowings

Today, the MOON is VOID of COURSE in PISCES with NO PLANETARY ASPECTS to ground this floating presence.  We can relax now, into ‘what is,’ and let go of unanswered questions.  Questions will not be answered today.  We wonder about so many things and the mind wants to know absolutely everything about where we are living and who we will be with and how we will work our way into our right work.  Its best today, to simply, let go of all of this, allowing the waters of our soul to lap against our personality bodies, giving us undefinable messages.

Tomorrow, MOON moves to ARIES, conjuncting URANUS.  Fire power, new beginnings and sword-like clarity will arive tomorrow.  For today, its a day to let go and float with the divine that blesses us.

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