April 27, 2011 – Transition into Core

Today we have overcome a VENUS square PLUTO in the middle of the night and are ready to transition into our core from any place of emotional upheaval.  We are on the dark side of the lunar cycle with a waning moon asking us for deeper peace inside.

Moon goes VOID of Course with a MOON sextile SUN at 12:25 pm pdt.  This masculine and feminine harmony rides the waves of change between worlds.  We are still in a highly transitional state so it is good to allow the “unknown” to be “unknown,” reassuring the mind, we will know what we need to know, when we need to know it.  For today enjoy the beautiful dance of Solar creative energies weaving with lunar receptive energies, weaving with PLUTO – Our POWER.

MOON sextiles PLUTO in our lunch window for emotional depth and personal transformation.

SUN TRINES PLUTO, reminding us we are supported to do whatever we really long to do, as long as we don’t think too much about “how,” or “when.”  Being with creative longings, and working our way into our true core heart is today’s gift.

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