April 26, 2011 – Personal Spiritual Expansion

Early this morning, pre-dawn, the MOON in Aquarius SEXTILED (60 degrees) JUPITER in Aries, then went VOID of COURSE.  We are expanded in the realm of community and spirit as the MOON is in transition between Aquarius and Pisces.

MOON CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE in Pisces at 11:05 pm pdt, for deeply spiritual nurturing waters late tonight.  May your spirit and soul be washed of all burdens from this world, returning in the morning revitalized and fresh.

Just after Midnight tonight, VENUS SQUARE’S PLUTO.  We are asked to transform the way in which we love.  We are also asked to take the next step in our creative process of self-expression in the world.  Whatever is most uncomfortable today and tomorrow is a signpost as to what our deep inner expressive nature is needing.  Today and tomorrow are days to turn angst and “missing,” into constructive intention for true creative empowerment.