April 20, 2011 – Watering Our Ground

We rise having slept through a MOON square NEPTUNE and we overcame water tension.  Dreams move us through emotions that are awkward and changing.  SUN moved from ARIES to TAURUS in the middle of the night, so we’re now shifting from a fiery SUN, planting ourselves in the ground to munch on some spring sprouts!

MOON TRINES URANUS for an emotional breakthrough just before we rise pre-dawn.

SUN sextiles NEPTUNE at 1:42 pm pdt and our creativity is given a FLOW that we can ride into bliss, poetry or spiritual expansion.

MOON sextiles SATURN in the evening at 9pm pdt and we GROUND our emotions.  We’re planting ourselves in the ground.

VENUS shifts into ARIES, giving our love some added FIRE, passion and sponteneity.

Close to 10pm, MOON TRINES MERCURY, giving us the will to communicate clearly and effectively.  The night communicates our expanded love with beauty if we choose.

May your ground be watered with your creativity, your bliss and your love!!

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