Feb 13, 2011 – Air Up!

MOON in Libra OPPOSES JUPITER at dawn.  We’re expanding ourselves, our hearts, our feelings, our capacities and our perceptions!!

We are at the ROOT of all ARIES energy, where URANUS, SUN, MERCURY retrograding and MARS all reside, opposing SATURN and the FULL MOON. We can dissolve the structures that do not support the playful child and each individual on their PERSONAL SPIRITUAL FOOLS JOURNEY!  Whatever is the cliff you are being given the opportunity to leap off of, leap away–Its the season!  May you enjoy your FOOL-like SPRING FREEDOM, IN THE FOOL MOONLIGHT of TONIGHT!

FULL MOON is at 7:44 pm pdt, then goes VOID until moving into SCORPIO at 11:19 pm late tonight, when there is an increase in power that can be sexual, healing or spiritual energy, depending on our focus.

The MOON is TRINE NEPTUNE near MIDNIGHT.  Giving us the opportunity for spiritual and/or sexual healing, revelation and poetry.

I am aware there is ONE relationship that is most important, which is my relationship with MYSELF.  When i love myself deeply, then that love bubbles up as expanded capacity to love others unconditionally (which is what we are asked to move toward at this time by the cosmos.) The more i do things that i love, the more love i have inside, and thern (structures) still squaring SATURN in LIBRA (sign of  partnerships and relationships of all kinds).  With the MOON squaring these corners from CANCER, we are feeling the deep soul and world changes happening and it may hit us close to home.  We can see the GRAVE CHANGES also in the larger world in this T-Square.  Egypt’s Revolution is leveraging PLUTO POWER for the good of the whole and the next two days will see a lot of changes in that government.  We can all leverage this incoming PLUTO TENSION Mon Morn, to push the old structures into the light & to complete old threads, cleanse the old bad forms and stand firm in our knowing of a new world of social justice and ecological and human sustainability.

With the FULL MOON coming, we need to prepare for the possibility of A LOT OF WATER.  SUN will Conjunct NEPTUNE and CHIRON at FULL MOON. This aspect coming at FULL MOON can be A GIANT WATER HEALING OF THE WORLD AND US AS INDIVIDUALS.

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