April 16, 2011 – Cardinal Crossroads in Relationship

Today is a day for NEW BEGINNINGS in relationship.   Any time the Moon goes into a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), it opposes, squares and conjuncts various points in the Cardinal Cross of the summer, which we are just beginning to step into.  We are pouring ourselves into another pressure cooker of change these days!!  We’re cooking ourselves in another soup, only this is a soup of new relationship, new leadership, new work, and new home.  In order to have NEW all of these things, it means the death of the OLD all of those things. Sometimes the old things fall away as new things emerge and take time and attention.  Sometimes we need to lose the old things first before the new emerges.

MOON in Libra OPPOSITE URANUS in Aries pre-dawn at 3:07 am for a shake-up-wake-me up dreamtime.

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 11:49 pm pst for some good ole soul digging emotional tension.  This is a time to allow FEELING to take us DEEPER.

MOON OPPOSITE MARS at 6:09 pm pst – Emotional Dance with inner masuline.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN at 8:17 pm pst, a work evening.

MOON OPPOSITE MERCURY at 10:49 pm – Communications STRETCH

MOON CLOSEST TO EARTH at 10:51 pm pst – Perigree – FEELINGS!!! It is a good time to FEEL our deepest yearnings and desires.


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