April 12, 2011 – Good Works – Mercury calling Earth

This morning we rise between a MOON trine URANUS and a MOON trine MARS at 10:54 am, pst.  This morning is made for action. The revolution is already going on inside and today we are more comfortable with it and can free ourselves from baggage we’ve been carrying in our minds.  We can make our own “worry dolls” today who can hold our worries in transformational divinity.  With the dolls doing their job of worrying for us, we can get on with our work that we came here to do–whatever that is!

MOON SEXTILES SATURN at 7:27 pm pst and we may unexpectedly have things fall into place  that serve a higher divine purpose. There is a larger authority functioning in today’s events and we may notice that our small self is empowered by forces much larger than we are.  It is a day to invite inspiration to lead us into the evening.

MERCURY comes closest to EARTH at 9:52 pm.  This is a place where every word is planted like a seed in the ground and every step is decorated by the thoughts that weave our reality.  This evening is a time to emphasize awareness of every word and thought. What are the highest possible futures?  Lets make them real.

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