April 7 – emotional square morning – power through in afternoon

Pre Dawn, MOON MOVES TO GEMINI – we are talking.
This MOON squares NEPTUNE at 4:31 am pst.  In are dreams we are asked to reach deeper, farther and higher than we were reaching in our current journey of love and spirit.  We have work to do on our path and in higher love and we know what the work is.

VENUS contacts SATURN in a (150 degree) aspect which is a little awkward–and an important part of the journey. [7:09 am pst] We are asked to be responsible for things that are awkward.  The more we face things that are uncomfortable, the more hidden power we can unveil, untie, and free.  The awkward tension of today grounds us into our next phase of love evolution, growth and maturity.

MOON in GEMINI SEXTILES URANUS in ARIES and we are free, like it or not, to say whatever we wish, and there are repurcussions sometimes, so care in what we say in these days. Air and Fire.  I’m reminded–its good to REVIEW OUR WORDS INSIDE (before we speak) especially if there is any tension–great use of mercury retrograde–to be extra mindful of every word before having it fall out the mouth.  Moon in Gemini can align with angels and Uranus connects us to the invisible world.  Magic is alive and in the air, crackling. . . . and tempers are easily triggered.  Humor is at our finger tips with more uranus.  more change.  rapid change.

MOON sextiles MARS at 12:56 pm pst and its activation time – its a good day to dance, climb a big hiking trail and take action in the direction of our dreams, in spite of foggy emotions or shocks in the heart.

With a lot of Uranian energy, community is the best medicine.  deep friendships rise when we need support.  Uranian love is the love of old friends, while mercury retrogrades.

May the love of old friends nourish you today in rocky times.


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