April 6, 2011 – Moon Void with Solar New Life Explosion

The SUN conjuncts JUPITER this morning in ARIES at 7:40am pst.  It is a day to thank our ancestors, align with our guides and RECEIVE the inspiration, creativity and downloads that are ours on THIS YEAR’s SUN JUPITER CONTACT!  Yipppppeeeeee!!  We’re expanding!  The whole universe is expanding and so are we!  Today, we can feel that EXPANSION!

Moon is void of course all day in the sign of TAURUS.  Neptune is still freshly into its new home sign of PISCES, these two things make today a potentially ‘slippery’ day.  Slippery when wet. Meanwhile, our dreams are brewing and inspirations are flowing to us like drippings from heaven.  Its a good day for meditation.

Deep Water and New Life Explosion Soul Blessings!

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