April 5 – Our Personal Breakthrough, gathering LIGHT and POWER

This morning, we rise with a TAURUS EARTH PRACTICAL MOON, (no longer void of course, now able to ground more than yesterday!).  This EARTH MOON is TRINE PLUTO (POWER) at 7:47 am pst.  We begin the morning by claiming our power if we are riding this energy.

By the evening, this pleasure-seeking food and music-loving part of us is wanting to touch and taste its favorite things by around 4:02pm pst, when the EARTH MOON SEXTILES VENUS in WATER.  Moon will go VOID OF COURSE again with this aspect.

MOON will be VOID of COURSE all day WEDNESDAY.  This means get important things done today and let tomorrow be a vision day, or a spiritual power day, or an abundance day.  With the MOON VOID, THE SUN will CONJUNCT JUPITER!  This is powerful creative energy, yet it is slippery to manifest when moon is void of course, so this energy comes in Wednesday and will more easily manifest in form on Thursday.

Blessings to the flourishing of your creative projects, souls expressions and dreams.


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