April 2, 2011 – Power and Season of Destruction

Today is the last day in the lunar cycle we are completing and we arose with the MOON in ARIES, connecting with the SUN by being “closest” to it, then conjuncting Mars.  FIRE POWER, and yet today is at the end of a waning moon.  This energy is perfect for starting a parasite cleanse or weeding a garden.  We can weed our psychic gardens as well!

VENUS SEXTILES PLUTO in the morning to give grace and feminine divine into the way that we remove unwanted life,  parasite cleansing, mentally, physically and spiritually–GO!  We kill off the thoughts and things that might block our sunlight (attention) from the delicate creations we wish to bring into the world next!

MOON conjuncts URANUS in the morning and SQUARES PLUTO in the evening framing the day with forces that are larger than we are, that support us to grow and change.  May the source of graceful change be with you!


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