Mar 30, 2011 – Mercury Retrograde Mystery School

MOON in Aquarius sextiled MERCURY in Aries at 4:16 am, pst.  This MOON is in AIR, aspecting MERCURY in FIRE.  This morning is lifted with this airy fiery aspect into realms of angels if we wish.

Meanwhile, we are in the threshold of this year’s FIRST MERCURY RETROGRADE MYSTERY SCHOOL, lasting three weeks, beginning today at 1:48pm pst, when Mercury goes retrograde.  Can you feel it turning?

MOON CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE  at 3:21 pm pst at the very end of Aquarius, before going into Pisces. Here, we dive into the water.  Each of us has our own personal ocean, and today, we are called by this personal ocean.

TOday is an elemental journey from a fiery airy moon to a watery moon.  This is good time for grounding and cleansing, allowing the “waters of life” to flow through us.

Last Quarter, waning dark moon.  Deep Restful Blessings.