Mar 29, 2011 – Venus Mysteries Healing Temple

This morning we rise with the MOON  in Aquarius TRINING SATURN in Libra.  If we worked hard yesterday, we are rewarded today with the feeling of accomplishment.  MOON sextiles JUPITER in Aries at 8:40 am pst and we EXPAND our emotional consciousness.  It is time to integrate more GRACE and EASE into everything we do.  Life was meant to be a flowering.

THE BIG DEFINING ASPECT OF TODAY is VENUS CONJUNCT CHIRON at the end of Aquarius at 4:15pm pst.  This is a powerful healing aspect for LOVE, for the inner Feminine, for our art, our creativity, and our beauty complex–whatever that is.  If there is a feeling of depth, pain or some unexplainable grief, it is related to this deep healing journey of our inner feminine.  Today’s temple is an opportunity to heal anything that needs healing related to the divine feminine, in balance.  This is a Goddess Temple day–a day to truly honor the divine feminine, no matter what our religion.

MERCURY goes RETROGRADE tomorrow afternoon!!  This will begin a THREE WEEK SHAMANIC JOURNEY of THE SPRING CLEANING OF OUR LIFETIME!  The mercury retrograde will be in the Spring Sun Sign of Aries, asking us to clean our slate in preparation to this new cycle of creativity coming.  Three weeks to clean our creative place of birthing and planting seeds.