Mar 28, 2011 – Big Power Shift – waning lunar cycle

MOON moves into AQUARIUS at 4am pst.  We rise with a new spirit of community.  We are ready to engage with others and work as a team.  This spirit is needed to support the POWER SHIFT taking place as SUN SQUARES PLUTO and  MOON SEXTILES URANUS.  The old misuses of power are being remediated as new feminine power – subtle, mystical and magical, penetrates this world more and more.

By 3pm we are in the midst of a GRAND CHANGING OF ‘THE GUARDS’ as they say, SATURN OPPOSES JUPITER at 2:55pm pst!!  Structure and expansion, grounded versus flying are all finding their place in our hats and feet.

By 8pm SUN and MOON sextile and Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are again dancing in each other’s radiance, making the whole universe go round.