Mar 27, 2011 – Fiery Tension for Transition

This morning we are still feeling the remnents of yesterday’s VENUS NEPTUNE river of love and yet the mistakes and needs of the money 3-D world came into the corners of our reality late last night with the cardinal T-Square with Saturn and Jupiter opposing each other and the Moon T-ing into square with both.

Today, we continue the cardinal T-Square transitional tension to shift, move and begin.  Since we are in the end of the lunar cycle in the final quarter, its good to complete the things that are of this cycle with this tension, making the shifts in front of us to make. Starting the things that were in this lunar cycle to start–we know what we need to do.

Today MOON in Capricorn squares MERCURY in Aries at 4pm pst. Communications Tension.  Transition for work.  Communications, communications, communications.  Today we speak the truth of this cycle, as it comes down to completion and rest.  The next week will be quieter and quieter as the week will take us down into DARK MOON.

SUNDAY, APRIL 3rd Begins a new lunar cycle, even in the midst of a mercury retrograde, we’ll birth a new cycle, in which we’ll have a rockin time spring cleaning on all levels!! It will be the spring cleaning of the century!

For now there is one more week to unwind and unfold the rest of this last cycle of creation, with a few days of rest for April Fools if they are wise, resting while the energy is low and quiet in the dark time, through April 3rd.  We can regenerate in the deep dark mystery of of us, during this time, resting and sleeping longer because it is the season of the moon for that.

May you communicate the tension and changes of today with the grace of butterflies.