Mar 26, 2011- Waning Half Moon – Water Love

At 5:07 am pst, we crossed into the last quarter of this lunar cycle, when the MOON SQUARE’S the SUN in Aries.

MOON conjuncts PLUTO at 8:48am giving us a deep soulful place first thing in the morning.  PLUTO can be uncomfortable if it is manifesting on any of its more shadowful sides.  In Capricorn, it is asking us to harness our own power related to money, work and the structures of the world.

Today we evolve more and more toward an evening that can be poetic and mystical with a VENUS conjunct NEPTUNE at 6:39 pm pst, giving us spiritual beauty, unconditional love and/or a river of creativity.

MOON forms a T-SQUARE late in the night with Jupiter in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra.  This is a healthy work and relationship shift point.

VENUS moves to PISCES late tonight at 11:53 pm pst, emphasizing the unconditional kind of LOVE for the next few weeks.  Venus in Pisces is bringing her essence into our divinity, our creativity and our dreams.  Love can be as beautiful as we can imagine it.

May this last quarter of the cycle be restful, peaceful and deepening for the spring planting season ahead at the new moon in a week.