Mar 25, 2011 – Communications, Actions, Dreams into Earth

Just before dawn, MOON in Sagittarius TRINES MERCURY in Aries at 5:23am pst.  COMMUNICATIONS!  Moon asks us to prepare for this mercury retrograde journey ahead.

FIRE MOON SQUARES WATER MARS at 8:08 am and we are called into ACTION- First thing in the morning!  This is powerful action time.

Fiery Creative MOON sextiles VENUS at 4:02 pm and its FRIDAY, time for a collective beauty celebration!

MOON sextiles NEPTUNE around sunset giving us more beauty if we can receive it.  How much beauty can we receive?

MOON moves into CAPRICORN around 7pm and SQUARES URANUS at 8:26pm pst, when there could be shocking news about crumbling capricornian things.

We’re in the final day in the LIGHT side of the Lunar Cycle (high creative time).  Saturday we cross into the waning darker side of the cycle, dropping into a deeper place.

MERCURY RETROGRADE COMING: By looking at the three weeks of Mercury retro: Mar 30th –April 23rd as a capsule of important spring-womb working time. We can receive the spring alchemy of this elemental Mercury Retrograde who asks us to go back and prepare again, for this new life coming, to tend the soil, one more time, and to tend the seeds again and again, caring more than we ever have before.

Since Mercury is  about to go RETROGRADE on Mar. 30th, (in 5 days) This NEXT FIVE DAYS is a great time to take care of important business and practical things for the month.  The Mercury Retrograde 3 week period can be an introspection time when external activities are wonkier to accomplish.  The magic of mercury retrograde is in the unsuspecting things that ‘return’ to us.  This retrograde is in ARIES the whole time!

We are in times of immense change and vast beauty!  Magical Blessings!