Mar 24, 2011 – expanding and grounding awakening creative FIRES

What an incredibly creative and fiery day this is in the best way possible. MOON in “center of the universe pointed” SAGITTARIUS TRINES JUPITER in ARIES at a little after NOON today.  We are asked to EXPAND our capacity for vision, joy, truth and creativity!  What more could we ask for in an energy matrix for a day?

Then to add wonderfulness–SATURN, in AIR sign LIBRA is SEXTILED by FIRE Sag MOON at 3:14 pm pst.  Grounding Creativity!  Saturn grounds us in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP.  With both Jupiter’s expansive vision and Saturn’s grounded relationships with deep roots, we build our dreams today.

May your joy be your work and your work be your joy, today and always.

November 14, 2011 – Actively Cleansing & Working it out Waters

The Woman Behind the Whale:


Priestess Azlan White is a Ritualist and lover of the divine awakening in all of us. She is an Astrologer, Archetypal Reverent, Urban Shaman and an environmental, social justice and telecommunications Activist. She cares deeply about the earth and all of her creatures, and is passionate about freeing people from ideas or beliefs that limit or obscure the beauty of their authentic, archetypal selves.

This passion and caring has taken many potent forms and expressions. In 2007, Azlan was appointed the Executive Director of Global Relief Resources, a nonprofit organization bringing fresh water resources to global relief situations and empowering women to end violence against women. The organization was a gift, arising out of her experience at the 2007 “Conference for Grassroots Organizers to End Female Genital Mutilation” in Nairobi, Kenya, in which Ms. White was guided to join with the women and girls of Africa in solidarity to shift deep patterns of violence against the feminine.

One third of the contribution for your astrological reading with Azlan goes toward Global Relief Resources’ work to build educational centers (safe houses) for girls in Africa and provide young women with scholarships and micro-loans to create the lives they choose.

Prior to stepping into the leadership of Global Relief Resources, Azlan worked for Bioneers for six years, giving her a solid education in environmental issues, the global social justice dilemma and the visionary solutions rising up in communities all over the globe to heal the planet and people and the web of life. She expresses this global and social justice passion now as a facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium of the Pachamama Alliance, which is dedicated to creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on the planet. For more information about Awakening the Dreamer:

To invite Azlan to facilitate a symposium in your community, fill out the form on this website under: “Phone Conferences and Classes,” at the top of Star Weather Whale website.

Readings with Azlan

When we allow the uniqueness of our own stories and mythic gifts to be seen by our selves and others, our own true nature powers us to shine into our gifts more fully.

In your reading, Azlan will work wferent area of life and each one feels this change in a unique way.

MOON in Cancer SEXTILED MARS in Virgo in the middle of the night and we’re in an action-based healing process related to mother & earth/water. Today action and excersize can balance us in healing ways.

MOON SEXTILED JUPITER pre-dawn at 5:22 am pst (pacific standard time). We’re expanding our ability to ground the material resources we need to create what we long to create as “mothers of the new way of being in the world.”

MOON OPPOSED PLUTO at 10:26 am, pst, creating a field of death, rebirth, inner power dynamics, and transforming energy. Whatever plutonian challenge we may face today, we can step into our strength, courage, clear intention and steadfastness, and overcome any limitation. This Moon/Pluto opposition gives us a challenge to work through–this is part of our initiatory journey of crossing power thresholds, learning and growing.  May the warmth of our inner mother love us through this underworld journey.

We can count on the radiance and allyship of the SUN/MOON TRINE tomorrow evening, to lift us out of our underworld–if we did in fact find ourselves in a plutonian underworld of one kind or another–whether facing illness, power struggle or inner conflict–the trine will bring solutions and elevated radiant energy–shining inside of us!!  The Sun/Moon trine creates a masculine to feminine allyship supporting us through the challenges of the final point of the Moon to T-square corner with MOON SQUARE SATURN (also tomorrow evening).