Mar 23, 2011 – Afternoon Love Revolution

The SCORPIO MOON trined MARS in the middle of the night for some fiesty deep dreaming.

This morning, MOON is SQUARING VENUS and NEPTUNE at the end of AQUARIUS.  The feminine is working it out with the feminine.  Money, love, art and dreams are all feeling the tension of this square to overcome.

At 1:08pm pst, when the MOON squares NEPTUNE, it then goes VOID.  This is a great time for chanting or spiritual practice for an hour while the moon is void.

At 1:45pm, pst, the MOON moves to Sagittarius and we begin the second part of the day, which has a different feel to it.  FIRE MOON breaks us through even more veils by TRINING revolutionary URANUS!

At 7:02 pm pst, MOON TRINES SUN reminding us that at the center of the mythic Universe, Masculine and Feminine dance together in praise and love of each other, turning the whole world with their love.