Mar 22, 2011 – True Inner Freedom?

This morning, we rise with  moon having freshly aspected our deepest darkest inner place.  If we feel raw, nervous, anxious, or stirrings that we don’t understand, it is because Planet URANUS, God of Freedom and Invention, keeps us on the edge of our seats, with changes, whether we like it or not!  When Uranus is present, its always good to see how the shocking changes unfolding before us actually FREE US.  They Free us to do something ELSE.  It is this new something else, that is unseen and arising out of the freed-up-space, that we can be curious about if we’d like to surf today at a higher frequency.  What is unseen, new and arising?

The lost job, relationship or home that disappeared from under us is gone–poof.  Or something new may have arrived.  Poof–a new relationship, a new career, or a new home.  Poof.

If something was lost – In the space left, after any loss, there is unsettled anxiety that comes with the first feeling of emptiness, where there was something.  This unsettled emptiness, is our newfound freedom, still dethawing, still being warmed by the sun.

URANUS today dances even closer to the sun than at the conjunction yesterday, at what is called “Apogee.” The ‘conjunction’ of Sun and Uranus, happened early yesterday morning, when these two lights appeared in the same degree from Earth’s perspective.  The apogee happens when Uranus is closest to the sun from the Sun’s perspective.  Today we enter into the Solar part two of yesterday’s Uranian day of break through & radical change.  (yesterday being the earthly side of this Sun/Uranus initiation)  The initiation is all about TRUE INNER FREEDOM, to do what we came here to do, be who we came here to be, and join the earth in her sundance.

Sun is with Uranus, and our inner masculine is breaking through its old ways.  Moon is with Pluto and the inner Feminine is finding its power today.  These are the highest expressions of this day.

Other expressions lie in the realm of freedom vs. security and our dance, limitations, fears & overcomings related to our security (or lack of it) financially or in any way that we value it, versus the ways we crave and relate to our inner freedom.

The Spring Equinox has set into motion a balancing process related to this dynamic inside of us that is a conversation between freedom and commitment and the balance between these two ways of being.  If we find we have too many commitments, we are over-committed on this balancing rod.  A bumb on the street who has no commitments may be out of balance on the freedom side.

What are we truly committed to, from the inside out? How in sync is that with our actual commitments? Uranus will ask us to free ourselves from the things that keep us from true inner joy and freedom, which arises out of doing what we came here to do and being who we came here to be.

May your Uranus Sun revolutions, changes and magic be your best friend today.


January 29 – END OF THE ECLIPSE FIELD – completion of the old. unstable times.

This morning, we rise with  moon having freshly aspected our deepest darkest inner place.  If we feel raergy is to BE KALI.  BE DEATH, to all the things that need to be killed off, in preparation for the delicate new life that is coming.  We ARE the vehicles for these forces to express themselves in alignment with the WHOLE.  We are completing the old for the next few days, walking in great attention to everyone and every thing, knowing these are the most unstable times, in the next few days.  We are present, loving and caring of our loved ones and we keep them close to us, and know they may fall down and scrape their knee if they are not paying attention.  If one is paying attention one may be having awakenings in consciousness at this time, literally like a “judgement day,” kind of experience where perception is “radically enlightened” in a few days.  The best way to be with this unstable energy if we are in a peaceful setting, is to witness the depth of release in old consciousness that is happening through us.  (and to witness the miracle of new forms that are coming in to replace the old)

Deep Souls Transformative Blessings.