March 20, 2011 – Happy Spring Equinox!

Today is one of the most unusual SPRING EQUINOXES we’ve had, since i’ve been watching the stars.  Uranus, the most unusual planet in the cast of energetic characters in our local system, is sitting at the FIRST DEGREE of ARIES, which is the SPRING EQUINOX POINT in the SOLAR Creation Cycle of our life on earth.

Today, the sun marches into the first degree of Aries at 4:21pm pst, also the first moment of SPRING!  Spring is the quarter of our solar cycle that is about new life, creation, and new beginnings coming into the visible like sprouts shooting up toward the sun!  This is a holy and powerful Spring!  Uranus meets the Sun at first degree of Aries this year, ready for the REAL REVOLUTION, the REAL SHIFT, that we feel through every aspect of our life as the divinely inspired NEW LIFE PULSES through us.

Some of our new creations we already know, some are still mysteries, just peeking through our soil of consciousness.  Uranus shocks us with its instant changes and spontaneous and instant miracles.  Today is a day to count on a miracle, to ask for it and to dream miracles for the whole world.

May your Spring Equinox blossom your soul into the garden that is your divinity growing closer to earth.  The earth needs our divinity and our miracles now.  The cosmos gives us the Spring to create the miracles that are needed now.  Please don’t hold back!  You are God and Goddess today and can touch, taste, smell and drink of the nectar of creation, directing it into anything that can be dreamed.