December 10, 2012 – Reconciliation & Delivery

This fiery morning may have a beautiful sunrise because that is the nature of FIRE. We’re still in peak creative time, fertile-most-time-soil in all the cosmos.  We can create ANYTHING we desire!  Dream and plant them between now and the FULL MOON crusty and cracks are zigzagged throughout the fabric. The system is falling, and yet, there is a new authority bubbling up from the earth, through the ripples of people. This new leadership is humble, kind, and of service.

MOON SEXTILES PLUTO at 3:55 am, pst giving us a silver spoon of our baby soulmouth. We are being spoonfed our own soul-life, in case we forgot, and if we know our soul, then it is a day of soul nourishment. May we nourish well.

MERCURY enters Sagittarius at 5:40 pm, pst, offering us a sacred inner fire. We can go within our inner temple and hear the guidance we need. We are being lifted in our mood, in this time of higher consciousness raising!

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 7:51 pm, pdt offers a burst of energy to dance, sing, and clean our home! We can feel the dark waning tide, taking us down, meanwhile the MARS energy has the action to get clearing done!

May we utilize MARS for our space-ship love-fuel, by allowing power to empower loving kindness. Bless us all!