Mar 16, 2011 – Good Luck Day!

This fiery morning may have a beautiful sunrise because that is the nature of FIRE. We’re still in peak creative time, fertile-most-time-soil in all the cosmos.  We can create ANYTHING we desire!  Dream and plant them between now and the FULL MOON on Saturday morning round 11am pst.

MOON TRINE JUPITER in FIRE  at 7:41am, pst.  This aspect is GOOD LUCK!  Consider this a “Good Luck Day!’

MOON TRINE MERCURY in FIRE at 9:05 am pst.  Communications ALive!  Communications can heal, mend,  weave, collaborate, cultivate and love each other.  We are each other’s good luck today.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 2:01 pm pst.  Grounding Creativity.  Fiery Communications, Fiery ideas, Fiery new collaborations can be grounded in this Sweet Saturn aspect today.

MOON in fire OPPOSITE VENUS in Air at 6:06 pm pst, Feminine opposite another feminine energy.  We are growing and strengthening our inner feminine. Truth and equality is important these days for women.  creative tension.