March 15, 2011 – Magical Seed Words

In our sleep before this dawn, Masculine and Feminine have been dancing – healing lifetimes of karma, finally having harmonious conversations that can be like medicine.  MOON in Cancer TRINE SUN in Pisces happened in our dreams at 3:05 am, pst, going Void Of Course through the morning. We may arise floating on this beautiful cloud of divine lovers energy.

The MOON moves into LEO at 12:33 pm pst anchoring into the element of FIRE after leaving WATER. It trines URANUS in early Aries at 12:55 pm pst. TOday is another revolutionary magical day where Uranus is activated, dawning the age of Aquarius in us, in revolutionary ways.

Today is a good day to have the magic carpet ready and the wish list clear.  These wishes will manifest tomorrow if we are clear.  I dare you to wish for what you REALLY dream of, what you truly desire . . . . yearn away . . . and feel and watch it arrive in the next few days!

MERCURY in Aries CONJUNCTS JUPITER in Aries at 6:27 pm pst.  This aspect can be a QUICK TONGUE and a PASSIONATE HEART –  To make it a most potent day for communications, especially the “instant manifestation” kind.   This power communications conjunction is in the sign of ARIES where URANUS now lives.  We are feeling the sprouting power of SPRING under the soil.  This soil we stand in is magical in the days to come.  Wishes really do come true in these days.  When we are clear about what we desire–our purest deepest yearnings can fuel our clarity of intention.  These two things: heart-feeling and clarity of intent: will manifest miracles in these fertile cosmic days.

May your seedlings grow into a life you love
this spring!