Mar 14, 2011 – Home & Relationship Inquiry

Today we rise with the MOON in the Home-Related and Mother-Related sign of Cancer, having squared JUPITER in the middle of the night.  At 11:14am pst, MOON SQUARES SATURN.  What is working at home and in our relationships and what isn’t?  Today we may find ourselves asking for more of what we desire in our home and relationship life.

MOON TRINE MARS at 11:32 am and our EMOTIONS = “Energy in Motion.”  Today its good to move our energy in one way or another.  Keeping energy moving is a way to support this aspect to have its health-ful ENERGY CLEARING effect on us.

VENUS TRINE SATURN at this evening at 6:34 pm pst is a maturing grounding aspect.  Our creativity, our right livelihood and our right partnerships are revealing themselves to us.  We are grounding and structuring NEW MONEY, NEW LOVE and NEW RELATIONSHIP.  May Blessings rise under you like manifest dreams today.

Mar 11, 12, 13 – Uranus into Aries – PORTAL

Uranus moved into Aries at 4:52pm pst on March 11th and we spiralled up a level in our awakening and our human spiritual journey.   Uranus asks us to consider our deepest desires and passions for being alive at this time, and to activate ourselves into them.  I am passionate about my own integrity.

Over the weekend we crossed into the LIGHT SIDE of the lunar cycle, past the FIRST QUARTER MOON, stepping up the waxing cycle of this birthing creativity time.  We are in the most fertile active part of a powerful spring cycle.

Sunday morning, MOON SQUARED URANUS, freshly into Fiery Aries, and MOON OPPOSED PLUTO in the evening.  These aspects asked us to change on an emotional level.  We are asking ourselves to break through and transform any old patterning that keeps us from our true freedom and soul’s destiny.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 10:22 pm, pst, communications tension anyone?  Good thing these lunar aspects move quickly, this communications tension shall pass.