Today is a day of Truth Telling.  Sometimes the planetary aspects that are super-potent, like Mercury and Uranus coming together yesterday morning, filter down for . . . the whole lunar cycle.  So as we wax toward the FULL MOON on MARCH 19, we are authentic revolutionary equals to every other human.  Anyone who would like to place themselves “above other humans” will not be supported in the new paradigm.  We are moving into an Aquarian Age where every human being is a unique and important expression of the WHOLE of humanity.

Each one has an important and unique roll made up of lifetimes of specialized lessons.  Now is a time where the sleeping vehicles long in preparation for the moment of “stepping on the stage of the REAL STORY” of humanity, which, like the Aboriginals speak, hasn’t even begun yet.  The Aboriginal’s walk the song lines, singing, to care for sleeping humanity, dreaming and preparing to come into being.

In this cycle, Our Rebellious, Wild, Independent Spirit is ALIVE.  If you see yourself, or anyone else under a burden of heavy guilt or shame, or you see someone guilting or shaming someone, FOR ANY REASON AT ALL.  You will know that person is in the old paradigm.  If you would like instant gratitude from the planetary beings that uphold all of life, in this lunar cycle, you will free yourself and others, from any heavy burdens about imperfection, “not-good-enough,” or being ‘less than’.  Anyone “higher” or “lower” is being brought to the middle, where all are divine.  You too can be vehicles for this desire of the whole universe to FREE ALL THE TRAPPED AND SUFFERING SOULS, into their true FREEDOM, which is recognized in the glory of their divinity, which they will move into, if we will imagine them there.  This is not the time to call people out on their shadows in ways that persecute them (if there ever was a time for that–it is not now.)

Uranus asks us to set ourselves and everyone else free from all guilt, shame, blame, and judgement OF ANY KIND, NO MATTER WHAT.  None of that ever helps a bad situation, anyway.  Only Love ever works, so any wise being knows this.  Anyone “trying to help a situation,” through persecution is lost on a dark Uranus trip and will be soon CHECKED.  It is good to warn these people if you see them–that you have a gift for them to wake up now with your help, because if they don’t, some bolt of lightning may strike.

This is a time to claim our radical independence and FREEDOM and to empower others to do the same!!

Wild Free CHeers!