Mar 10, 2011 – Harmony & Abundance

Today, we rise with the Taurus MOON having sextiled the Pisces SUN in the middle of the night.  The feminine is nurturing the masculine with sensual pleasures and the masculine in Pisces may be receiving this sensuality with the vastness of the ocean.  This is real harmony, echoing through our energy veins today.  It is harmony between divine masculine and divine feminine.

Just before dawn, VENUS in Aquarius sextiles JUPITER in Aries. This is an aspect of abundance!  Expansion of Love and/or abundance is in the air and we are filled with this passion-juice today!

MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 7:57pm, pst and MOON TRINES URANUS in at 9:26 pm, pst, then goes “Void of course,” before shifting to Gemini later tonight. In all of the days expansion, we may have a need to “stretch our hearts and our selves,” like widening the banks of our river to hold more energy, more love and more genius.  These outer planet contacts ask us to hold more light.    We all manage this request uniquely!