Mar 9, 2011 – Communications Ether

MERCURY CONJUNCT URANUS at 8:05 am pst at the last degree of Pisces.  This morning the ether is rich with chants and mantras from throughout time. Our electrical connections are supercharged.  Our mind is fertile ground for miracles, revelations and speedy creative manifestations. We are freeing ourselves from all things that are not in perfect alignment with our future.  We are also completing all old spiritual connections, preparing for the new spiritual journey when Uranus enters Aries on March 11.

MOON in Taurus sextiles MARS in Pisces.  There is high magic energy with the Mercury conjunct Uranus and this MOON MARS gives us the ability to GROUND our DREAMS for the future.

Mercury moves into Aries after its Uranus infusion at 9:47am pst and we communicate with the revelational transition from the last degree of the zodiac, to the beginning first degree of the zodiac wheel of life.  We communicate with the part of ourselves that innocently creates anew!