Mar 7, 2011-Relationship Conversation

This morning around dawn, MOON in ARIES opposed SATURN in LIBRA.  Saturn is asking us what kinds of vessels and structures will be used for our NEW RELATIONSHIPS that are building a NEW WORLD?  Moon in Aries feels like being alone, and yet Reality says we need to find ways to work together.  This is the dance of today.  To be alone or to be with others, or some balance of both?  And how do we structure healthy relationships?

We weave our way from this MOON SATURN opposition talking about relationships and partnerships, toward a MOON at the end of Aries, sextiling NEPTUNE at the end of Aquarius, tomorrow morning at 8:04 am, pst.  How do we create ourselves to be banks of a river of LOVE?  Can we create an internal structure inside that allows us to be vessels for unconditional love, so that all relationships are weavings of this unconditional love?  This is Neptune’s offering to us at the end of air, trining personal fire moon.