Mar 6, 2011 – Fire Moon – midday death/rebirth

This morning the energy is super sweet with a Fire Moon sextiling Venus in Aquarius at 8:09 am, pst.  Its a humanitarian, inspired, community LOVE morning.

There is a power death and rebirth that occurs when the MOON squares PLUTO at 11:49 am, pst.  This is a moment of tension with our own journey of personal power.

At 12:26 pm The SUN is inconjunct SATURN and we work through awkwardness of one kind or another with our work, or our creative expression.  As we learn to manage and channel new energies, these unformed energies may feel awkward as they come into to new forms.  Solar Flares may challenge one or two systems of communications infrastructure–inside or outside!

MOON conjuncts JUPITER at 3:43 pm pst, and we expand or are lifted out of the power or emotional death/rebirth point.  We rise into the evening with the beauty of understanding, new beginnings and the kind of excitement that comes from spontaneous new magic and the stirrings of what each of us is receiving from the universe at this time.  We are being gifted.  What is your gift delivered later this evening?