Mar 3, 2011 – Fire & Water deep alchemy

Today the moon is in PIsces, just after a conjunction with Water Planet, NEPTUNE!  So we may feel a day of WATER ahead.  Soft, cozy, watery, dreamy, visionary Pisces Moon in us sextiles Pluto at 11:10pm . . . all day we cozy toward this intense moment of emotional depth.

MARS SEXTILES PLUTO at 6:52 pm pst, supercharging whatever we give our power to.  We are still transforming the inner masculine as we complete the last lunary cycle of healing inner masculine, inner power, and inner emotions related to these things.

We can prepare for the new moon by both completing, solidifying structures, and then dreaming our hearts away.  This is the dance of capricorn and pisces.

MOON conjuncts MARS late tonight at 11:28 pm, pst, for a late night superhero story, a pure expression of passion, or a new beginning.

Today is the DARK MOON last day of the old lunar cycle.  NEW MOON Is tomorrow at 12:46pm pst.  The new moon is at 13 Pisces.  A good time to revision everything!