Mar. 1 – Venus conjunct Uranus – Joy!

MOON is in Aquarius as of last night. Ready for Uranian Love?  This morning, at 6:42 am, pst, VENUS sextiles URANUS.  This energy can be loving, magical and FUN!

MOON in Aquarius sextiles JUPITER in Aries at 12:53 pm pst.  Our revolutionary humanitarian creativity is on fire! And it isn’t even spring yet.  We are JUST getting started with a wave of humanitarian inspiration and genius that is coming.  Jupiter is at the VERY BEGINNING of ARIES and Uranus moves into Aries on March 11th.  Today we strike a match of iridescent creativity, as the moon wanes, down to the bottom of the old cycle.  We are lit up with Aquarian-Aries revolutionary inspiration and it will only increase as we step further and further into this year.  The fires are burning, the light is awakening, the solar flares are growing and we are ascending in frequency throughout this year, like it or not, it will go faster and faster now.  Like with a rushing river, if we dive in and surrender and keep our head “above water” to breathe, we can really enjoy it!  Its fun!

This coming SPRING EQUINOX is ALIVE with ELEMENTAL ENERGY in powerful new ways, hinted at by SUN conjuncting URANUS on March 20.  Uranian energy is the realm of all angels, light beings and elemental energies that are invisible to the third dimensional eye.  These invisible energies that support us here on earth, even though we cannot necessarily “see” them, they support us under the physical fabric we see.  These elemental energies of earth, air, water, fire and ether (spirit) are super-charged by the new solar energies pouring into our earth plane.  We can be like Avatars and work with the these empowered elemental energies to create balance, healing and whatever we need during this human transition into a new world.

The elementals are ready and empowered to work with us, especially in this upcoming lunar cycle, beginning with the NEW MOON on March 4 at 12:46pm pst.  Those of us who are ready, can use this lunar cycle as a frame, in which to leap off of the “cliff of the old world,” even more, pushing further into our personal inner spiritual path, guided by our own personal ancestors and angels.  This lunar cycle, coming up is a cycle in which we can push off of the shore, of the old world, a little more, and invite our ancestors and our spiritual guidance closer.