Feb. 28 – Moon waning to Venus

Today the MOON is in CAPRICORN. She bravely crossed the underworld realm of Pluto,  and squared Saturn yesterday evening and is now headed for a CONJUNCTION with VENUS at 6:57 pm, pst, at the very end of the sign of our most serious work achiever.

Venus is celebrating her last night and day (tomorrow) in Capricorn for the year!  She will move into Aquarius at 6:39pm, pst, tomorrow evening.  This evening & tomorrow is the big celebratory hoorah of all the work we did in the last month. Tomorrow evening, Venus moves from the practical motivated earth sign to the non-practical, fun Uranian part of our loving.  We loved seriously last month and focused on love in our work, while Venus was in Capricorn and now we can love weirdly, love our friends and community and love all of humanity, while Venus in us transits Aquarius all month long in March.

Tonight at 8:03pm pst, MOON sextiles URANUS. This aspect will be a HINT of the kind of URANIAN energy that we will be touched by in March, while SUN and MERCURY move closer and closer to Uranus, day by day. Mercury conjuncts Uranus on March 9 and Sun conjuncts Uranus at the Spring Equinox on March 21.

From now until the New Moon on March 4, we are releasing the old MARS, NEPTUNE, CHIRON, MERCURY related energies that brewed off the top of our healing soup last month. February’s lunar cycle was the healing soup of soul water, masculine energy, communications, and the deep wounds that lead us to our ultimate gifts.  We spent a lunar cycle cooking all of this together.  We saw the old masculine energy that is falling away and we were ushered to rebirth our inner masculine to be a masculine that will enter the new world coming.  We are still releasing and letting go of the last energies of the old masculine, with the waning moon.  There are so many charged energies in the aspects of the last days of this lunar cycle that the waning moon is not going to feel as “low energy,” as it sometimes does.  Tomorrow VENUS conjuncts URANUS, sending our community-minded creativity through the roof!  We could feel quite Uranian for the next few days!!  Party on Uranus!