Feb 27, 2011 – Romantic Morning, Initiation Evening

MOON conjuncted PLUTO and squared JUPITER in the middle of the night, from Capricorn.  We’re expanding our capacities in some practical area.  The Masculine and Feminine dance sweetly in our dreams as the MOON and SUN sextile at 3:40 am pst.

If you are up pre-dawn, you’ll see the sliver of a waning moon.  This EARTH MOON sextiles MERCURY in PISCES at 7:47am pst, for a dreamy romantic or god-ful morning.

MOON in CAPRICORN SQUARES SATURN in LIBRA on Sunday Evening at 6:36pm pst – for a test of work and relationships, balancing time, space and karma.  It is good to release, let go, unwind, take care of responsibilities, complete old karma.  Complete old projects.  Follow guidance.  Stay close to home unless work calls us away.  Take baths when anxiety arises.  Waning moons can bring anxiety, squares to Saturn in Libra can bring relationship anxiety, these things pass.

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