Feb. 26, 2011 – Grounding Sacred Fire

This morning when we rise, the MOON is in Sagittarius fire.  This waning fire moon sextiles water planet NEPTUNE in Aquarius at 9:09 am pst for an alchemical mix or a special healing shower or singing bath in our morning.

Fire MOON at the end of the teacher sign Sagittarius, SQUARES URANUS at the end of water Pisces at 10:08 am. pst. This square brings an hour and a half of void-of-course (in-between-worlds) territory as the MOON transitions from fiery Sagittarius to earthy Capricorn at 11:32 am. pst.

Grounding the far-reaching vision of Sagittarius into the practical hoofs of Capricorn, the MOON freshly into this high-achieving earth sign, SEXTILES MARS in Pisces by 5:30 pm pst. We hit the ground running today if we want to, with our arrows fueled by our real heart’s passion, equipped with practical hooves.