January 20, 2011

Note: this article was written and intended 24 hours ago, however i was without internet during my own Mars-Chiron healing journey of Feb. 23, so its just going up now.

We arise with the MOON in SCORPIO, the sign that takes us deep, deep, deep down a rabbit hole of our choosing.  Women especially, yet men also, have found ourselves deep diving emotionally on a FEELING level for the last two weeks as our souls have called us into our own personal soul soup.  This could look like something someone says to us, and it triggers a pain in us, and we don’t quite even know exactly what this pain is, but it doesn’t let us forget it, so we end up focusing on it, . . . what is the deep yearning under that, under that, under that . . . what is really being called for by the soul?  There is a call from our souls.  What is it?

Scorpio MOON sextiles Earth Capricorn VENUS.  Two feminine planetary bodies are weaving a net of emotion and earth, to hold humanity and each other through the initiatory transformative cooking fire of MARS conjunct CHIRON late tonight.

Late tonight at 1:19 am pst. Our inner and outer MASSCULINE SELF receives a healing transmission that touches our core.  This is our personal fire that is healing us, transforming us.  The collective man intil the next new moon.

May the imbalances and extremes this eclipse field may have revealed in our personal and collective lives, may the ultimate balancing results of these extremes, be a gifting of our work of letting go of losses we experienced over the last two months, enriching our lives with humility, gratitude and a pointer into the heart of our lives.

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