Feb 24 – Last Quarter Moon of the Revolution

We rise in the wake of the potent MARS conjunct CHIRON, eliciting deep yearnings inside of each of us, as to ‘right action.’  This is an aspect of sexual healing, masculine transformation and heart awakening.

MOON has moved into Fiery SAGITTARIUS, trining revolutionary URANUS in Aries, exact pre-dawn.  This aspect provides us with all the inspiration needed to turn the wheel on the campaign, revolution or internal transformation we’ve been deep in lately.  Turning the wheel shifts our perception and we can see things in a new way that makes life seem easier and more fun, if we choose.

MOON SQUARES (tension) MARS around sunrise, SQUARES MERCURY at 2:45pm pst, and SQUARES SUN at 3:26 pm pst, stepping us down to the last quarter, dark quieter unwinding disseminating side of the waning moon cycle.  Beware the potential for mis-communication or frustration.  Its good to focus these energies with care.  Today is a time for completions for this cycle.  It is time to wrap up this lunar cycle and its creation and destruction in us–over the next week–preparing for the next NEW MOON (new cycle of creation) on MARCH 4th!  (the one day of the year that is an action command!)

JUPITER blesses us personally by TRINING the personal MOON this evening at 4:58pm, pst.  Enjoy the uplift, we are all so blessed–this is a good time to drink in blessings.

Peace, Blessings and more Joy to you!

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