Feb 22, 2011 – Sexual Healing & Communications

What is sexual healing?  This is the realm of Chiron.  What is it for you?  Whatever you’ve been doing the last week and the next week with your sexuality–is how you do your own form of unwinding, hearing, clearing, mending, and weaving sexual healing.

MERCURY conjuncted CHIRON in the middle of the night, at 1:10 am pst, just after a MOON MARS trine a little after midnight.   We’re dancing with masculine energy and we’re healing our sexuality.  (internally or externally, in dreams or in life, or all of the above)

MOON enters SCORPIO at 1:29 am, pst.  Our soup is cooking again.  Our deep soul healing soup is abrew with the addition of more deep soul water.  This deep moon TRINES MERCURY (fresh in the aura of CHIRON), so we FEEL chiron’s message more deeply at 3:16am, pst (in dreamtime).

Rising into the morning, we dance toward a SUN TRINE MOON Scorpio from PISCES at 1:06pm pst.  Deep soul water. Its a good day to be a DOLPHIN!

MOON sextiles PLUTO at 1:06 pm pst and we go even DEEPER . . . . now grounding WATER into EARTH.  This is a good time for healing elixirs, sea-salt and baking soda baths, ear cleanses and perceptual upgrades amidst limitations.

MARS moves from Aquarius (air) to Pisces (water) at 5:06 pm pst.  Our masculine energy is getting more spiritual by the day–what a wonderful season of mars.  I love Mars in Pisces.  It connects me to the etheric world of plant spirits, deva’s colorful faery balls of light, and all the gifts of those realms . . . essential oils, fantasy art, fantasy dance and anything else you can imagine.  Would you like to re-imagine the masculine expression inside, outside, and/or on earth?  As MARS transits our PISCES, we can weave vision and unconditional love into the fabric of man.

May your healing journey and your cooking pot be blessed today.