Today we rise with the MOON in LIBRA,  touching in again to the Cardinal CrossMoon Opposes JUPITER in ARIES (expansion of emotion) at 10:24 am pst, then SQUARING PLUTO (deep soul or power talk with obstacle to overcome) at 12:02 pm pst.

The super-power-packed day is formed by a conjunction between MARS, NEPTUNE and MERCURY, all conjuncting today at the very end of Aquarius. This trio combines together for an even more powerful harnessing of energy, transforming & revealing of anywhere that needs healing, because the whole configuration is so closely linked to CHIRON, just fresh into Pisces, which will be conjuncted by all three of these planets in the next few days, and slow Neptune in April.  Each one kissing Chiron (Inner wound as teacher/healer) on its way into Pisces.

FIRST: MERCURY conjuncts MARS at 2:44 pm, pst, combining MIND/communication/transportation with MASCULINE directive and will power.

SECOND: MERCURY conjuncts NEPTUNE at 5:07 pm pst, Mind joining with either GOD, or illusion/confusion.  Neptune is a river.  Its good to intend the river we join is a high spiritual river of love, compassion, wisdom and the lucidity that comes when we are in touch with our intuition, even though it doesn’t speak in words.

THIRD: MARS conjuncts NEPTUNE at 8:17 pm pst.  Warning: Handle with care.  Because Mercury is thrown in, it is a highly volatile time for communications.  It is best to have a clear intention in mind while speaking, knowing our words create, especially when they are super-charged with MARS and NEPTUNE.  The highest expression for this is to align one’s personal will (Mars) with Divine Will (Neptune) and communicate from that place (Mercury).

Our intensified healing soup, begun a week or so ago, was lit up yesterday by the SUN/CHIRON conjunction and is now receiving extra Fire (mars), more messages (mercury), and is touched by Divinity (Neptune) today.

Our healing journey has more activations when first of these three (fastest moving) MERCURY conjuncts Chiron on late MONDAY night at 1:10 am pst. Next activation of Chiron from this trio is MARS conjuncting Chiron late WEDNESDAY night at 1:19am pst. Neptune will take longer to make its slow transit into Pisces and will conjunct Chiron in April!

These Chiron aspects are opportunities to have encounters with the alchemical sacred energy which houses healing, eroticism, teacher/healer within.  Chiron has many deep wells, that are begun sometimes with an illness, a pain, or a deep memory, even a sensation or thought that triggers deep emotion.  If we do have something like this arise with a Chiron energy, we can count on it being a teaching, carving us out so we have more space for divinity.  If we follow a wound, all the way down, down, down, it will take us to a secret well of fresh unique healing elixir that is specific to us, and yet when we fetch it from inside, we realize, we have a gift as a result of this wound and maybe it is time to share it.  This is one of Chiron’s stories–the ability to follow a wound all the way down until it transforms, and surfaces into power, beauty and fresh water.  Yesterday, today, and the days to come are a field of potential for this alchemy.

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